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Joel Tudor, redirecting in Californian glass.


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Pro surfing, we cant handle the truth.

As a casual observer of Professional surfing contests which I occasionally see in the reruns of heats or the like, I take a passing interest in the state of play.Now I am not fully up to date on all the … Continue reading

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Sports woman of the year, same as it ever was.

Sally Fitzgibbon won the sports woman of the year in Australia last night and that is a big deal and I congratulate her, she rips and wins and deserves what she gets( and she is from the south coast which … Continue reading

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The Basin, where it all began.

My earliest memory of going surfing was about, lets say a very long time ago I was at my cousin’s house in Killara on the North Shore of Sydney. Murray and Richard were older than me and one afternoon they … Continue reading

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B.K. showing how to finish a ride correctly. Take note.

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The control and precision of Jeff Hakman in his prime.

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When Witzig turned on his brothers.

In the early 70s some young surfers had found a place to get right away from it all, society the Vietnam draft ,parents, police, a place that had great waves in the middle of ┬áno where a young person could … Continue reading

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