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Big Daddy Ed Roths, Surf Nazi Helmets, before surfing took itself seriously.

  In the mid early to mid 60s surfing was just coming off its first major boom period which is generally contributed to the Gidget phenomena, and then all the kitsch movies and basically any product that may attract the … Continue reading

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The great Peter Crawford, talks about his kneeboard.

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Super original fixie hipster, my grandfather 1910.

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Surfin hearse, and South Coast weird.

Found this Hearse on Ebay a number of years back, for some odd reason I always had a soft spot for hearses, after seeing movies like “Harold and Maud” and seeing pictures of the one Ed Roth used to travel … Continue reading

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Silky smooth.

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The ultimate in beach side cool.

These shots taken from the movie, “The Thomas Crown Affair” Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, zooming around the sand dunes in his custom made dune buggy. As they say one arm around the babe the other on the steering wheel … Continue reading

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Enjoying some of Bali’s mellower waves.

I was recently in Bali and took a longboard over with me for the first time in a number of years and wanted to ride a few waves I had not ridden for a long time. The last time I … Continue reading

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Dazi finding some room to move on this 8 ft gun in Bali.

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Reno riding the board that inspired M.R.

This is a photo of Reno Abellira riding a small 5′ 7″ fish in the 1977 Coke contest at North Narrabeen. The event was held in tiny waves and Reno was making the most of it on this twin fin, … Continue reading

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Stylish cutback,by Dave Byrne.

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