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Owl Chapman in his famous hood ornament pose at Pipe.

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Stylish cutback #8, Rob

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Who would have thought, but grateful they did.

Now I know you avid followers of fashion have been searching high and low for the perfect accessory to rock on at the beach this summer to set you apart from the pack, that are for ever nipping at your … Continue reading

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Tracks borrowed the car and Olivia got comfortable.

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City surfing on an early winters morning.

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Bali, Uluwatu.

I have a friend Agung who is a very proud Balinese lady and was telling me in that in the 80s she went to Hawaii with her then husband, and when she got in the taxi from the Airport the … Continue reading

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Stylish cutback #7, Mike Purpus.

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Luc’s progressive northern soul approach on a mid length.

I have mentioned before that I am a single fin tragic, I am always looking but it is hard to find something that you will work. I have been interested in getting a mid length single for some favorite north … Continue reading

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‘There passes the beauty of the world’

‘There passes the beauty of the world’, this is part of what my father wrote in my mothers obituary but he did it in Latin and it sounded much better( it was from an old poem he was made to … Continue reading

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Neil’s, Kevlar Beach Buggy.

This is Neil’s Beach Buggy, he is a master fibre glasser and knows everything about everything on the subject. He made this buggy himself out of Kevlar, so not only is it bullet proof it also wont rust anytime soon, … Continue reading

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