Who would have thought, but grateful they did.

Now I know you avid followers of fashion have been searching high and low for the perfect accessory to rock on at the beach this summer to set you apart from the pack, that are for ever nipping at your heals and demanding of you ever more obscure products to keep you ahead of the masses and show your individuality and uniqueness.

Well that why the you turn t a friend like lyttlestreet to help you in you moment of need and are at the very razor sharp edge of beach fashion and in this months exclusive must have item is brought to you by Juicy wetsuits of Japan and that is the Wetsuit Flares.

The last time I saw these they were worn by Steve Corrigan at Bondi in 1977 the same ones Reno wore at Bells that year, now if you’re a collector there is a very cool obscure item to search for.

Anyways the flares are back on the market and  can be custom ordered in the colours of choice and come in 2 mill rubber, he ultimate one pair of pants surf in them by day and dance all night, get them now and tell em lyttlestreet sent you.

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