The Road Starts At The End of the Highway

At the end of bad roads you meet good people. At the end of good roads you meet dumb morons. We lie on the couch of life but I am half way to the fridge with a plate of freedom  if you know what I mean.

PS. This site is not used by the Yakuza much.

3 Responses to The Road Starts At The End of the Highway

  1. I’m a national newspaper journalist in England who is part of a group putting together a new ‘extreme’ outdoor sports and travel website. The site is also an environmental and social and enterprising in design.

    As I’m putting together articles and sourcing videos and photos at the moment, I was wondering whether there was any chance of you submitting some copy for us on surfing? I can obviously credit you and send you a link to the site when it’s up?

    Maybe you would like to submit things on a regular basis further down the line?

    We believe we will have a lot of people visiting the site when it is ready and have people contributing from all over the world so our reach should be quite large.

    Any help you can give us would be great. My email’s if you’d like to get involved.

    Many thanks for reading,


  2. Wow…wonderful blog and your writing is great. I’ve just spent a couple of hours reading post after post. But there is no “Contact”. I wanted to send you some shots from the 70’s. Just put them from slides to JPEG.

  3. im tryna register here dood…..hehe technology…..sux on me….hehehehehe…..i see, i see

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