Australian Inventivity, Winged keels on Astron zots.

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3 Responses to Australian Inventivity, Winged keels on Astron zots.

  1. tom moore says:

    Hey James is this yours? How does it go?

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    Hi Tom
    I was one day going to get around to writing about my experiences on the Astron Zot, yes its mine and I have had it about 18 months. This board is 5’10” which is small for me I am 6’2″, so I keep it for small waves 2 to 3 ft stuff. I prefer it with the keel to Geoff’s regular fin as this has more base to give the board more drive and the wings help stabilize the ride, the board also feels smoother. How this is a loose board and although it is a single fin has not the usual characteristics of one, it wants to turn and move not trim and cruise.
    I like it in Beach breaks with broken up sections that you can bounce and bank off, it is quite an effortless board to ride you dont power into turns like you would a thruster it doesn’t respond well to that, kind of just guide it to where you want to go and it does the work.
    I really don’t ride it a whole lot but went I do i wonder why i don’t and you need to get in the groove with it and put in some time, i like it in summer for zipping around on little waves, it paddles well and alot of the test is getting your feet right once you have found the spot it is very fast and the manouverablity will surprise you.
    I would say it is a freedom machine you dont have any set track like a thruster or even fish which respond to pumping and top to bottom moves, this board is a weaver turn here there and every where, not big flashy slashes just constant turning on the face and linking up long rides, its more about flow and round turns, its groovy sort of surfing not what you would normally see at the beach.
    That’s probably a little long winded but I got carried away, if you want to try one go for it, if you find it over reactive try a wider base fin of a keel. If you surf it with a lighter touch than normal it will respond well. You have to take you time with it as the added bouyance with feel unusual at first and stay over the back foot.
    Good luck happy travels.

    • Mannuelsson says:

      Hi Tom
      Thancks for your feedback.
      I live in France and i have surfed the AZ 5.6 recently – I always think to sale it, because i have a quad hybride 5’4″ homemade that do the job as well, even better in very small beach breaks.
      I usually surf custom single fins and sometime alaia. Well…I’m a little bit desappointed by the range of use of this board. Overall if you consider its cost and the notoriety of the shaper.
      To me, it is not efficient in any conditions like we can read it.

      You’re right : It is totally opposite of what it seems to be – excepted for buyancy (yes you can catch waves early). No way to carve in the bottom like a single fin. Even an alaia is easier.
      The gullwing fin is also very efficient…But only if it has the minimal speed needed to do the job. So even in 6foot waves, it’s a bullshit if the wave is slow and does not carve.
      The only conditions it seems to be made for, is -as you said- 2 to 3″ glassy et powerfull to go through the trimline and let the board decide for you when it is over.

      I precise that the Gullwing fin sold with my board is “only” (ahahaha it is just a 5.6 board Dude) 9.5″ And i have already tried all the trim possibilities of the fin box. Pffffffffff….Well…Ok, some good vibrations…sometime. When all the parameters are ok.

      Bilan : The board is made to be very versatyl and fast in small carving sections – OK
      BUT….If you want to surf any correct conditions between 2 and 6″, you have to increase the fin surface to remain some “hold” during the 3 first seconds of the take off (and being in capacity to accelerate properly)…So, doing this, you generate so much drag that you slow down the board…

      Best regards –

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