Once upon a time there was Peter Berry.

berry 2It’s a very bleak freezing cold Saturday morning surf check at the beach the regular crowd shuffles around bitching and complaining standard crap you hear at any car park.berry 4

Then Cameron mentions he found one of the original Peter Berry kneeboards and he has it in the back of his F100 ex ambulance that has been a fixture in these parts from before Jesus was a boy. Now this gets a little gathering excited as Mr Berry hasn’t made a board in years and Cameron is a devotee of the craftmanship of this man and has about about 22 stashed in a mysterious place called Daceyville.berry 1

Now a little history lesson Peter Berry was a kneeboarder now like all kneeboarders they thinkings were left centre, with Peter he went so extremely far beyond left that his creations even when looked at today have a shock value that even a contemporary  artists like Koons would be jealous of. Through the 70s he made surfing objects for the people who thought way outside the square, kneeboards with inverted noses, deep concaves with spiral vees, scooped decks, flex tails and flex rails, handle bars down the sides so underwater riding was possible and multi flex fins shapes that adjusted to the riders awareness and the waters structure. These were vectors of the likes that had never been seen before or since and being a master of the glass no one in the near future would be willing to put there hand up to replicate one.berry5

This particular board was made in 1970 its a 6’3″ pintail Kneeboard and was saved in a backyard cleanup by who has plans to bring it back to its former glory. As Henry Ford once said is history is bunk generally written by people who were not there and didn’t see it happen. Surf history is simplified to we saw George do this, Bob made that, Nat ripped it, easy to digest, well there was alot of other more interesting things happening out there that were never reported on and this is a reminder of one of them. The whole team here at Lyttlestreet are working hard at uncovering to truth and bring you pure information that you can do whatever you like with.berry

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8 Responses to Once upon a time there was Peter Berry.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Nice little piece of history here…

  2. Jez says:

    Nice work James. You even got Cameron the Green Meanie to smile…genius

  3. Ray says:

    Great memories from our backpacking days. Always way left of centre…..

  4. Mark says:

    Hi , ace blog… that’s me on the yellow spoon built by the off the wall Pete !..would love to find out how he is and what he’s up to…we were a few poms that spent a wonderful couple of years in oz hanging out with Pete and Cameron mainly at Maroubra we worked at the Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick.

    • lyttlestreet says:

      That great still see Peter around at Maroubra chatting to his mates in the sun and Cameron still rides peters creations on his knees with the patented handle bars down the side.

  5. Des O'Connor says:

    Great story, i spent alot of the early/mid 80’s competition fishing with Pete as members of South Sydney Amateur Fishermens Club. Always left of centre…true, even his twin hulled shark cat boat had mismatching motors on it, made for some very interesting trips back from the continental shelf after a session on the yellowfin!… regards, Des O’Connor (ex Rock Crew)

  6. Doug says:

    Pete i believe is still around down south as is Neal Cameron , still surfing , still creating .

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