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A little personal indulgence. Thank you for following


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Brad Mayes asymmetrical

When I was growing up on the south side of Sydney in the mid 70s Brad Mayes was the man you heard of. He was the son of one of the original surfers of Bondi¬†Bluey Mayes , in the late … Continue reading

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Wicked campers, wicked statements.

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Surf poster, name says it all, simple.

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The cross roads 1976, when white man grabbed surfing and wrung its neck.

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The start of it all.

I recently found this board under my aunties house when they were moving, it was the board I learnt to surf on in the summer of 1974. I ¬†feel so uplifted having got this as it is the one that … Continue reading

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I miss 70s style surfboard logos.

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