Localism sucks, localism works.

I am not really a local anywhere, but I have no problem travelling to where there are quality waves, and I like to enjoy my time in the water and don’t enjoy the company of dick head locals. There are a few surf spots I go to regularly that have a name that has stuck for years as being a place for heavy local vibes that was probably picked up in the 70s sometime.  The people who may have done a little punching,verbal abuse, car park automobile damage or just some general intimidation ,have generally moved on or no longer surf. But the myth persists that the break will only bring you bad vibes, if you paddle out. So most people still many years after the fact avoid it altogether. These same people would rather take some exotic boat trip in a far off land than travel 45 mins from their front doorstep to surf waves of similar quality. Fear is very powerful force in surfing and in a way it is sometimes the only thing that saves it from being totally over run by the masses. 


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