The start of it all.

I recently found this board under my aunties house when they were moving, it was the board I learnt to surf on in the summer of 1974. I  feel so uplifted having got this as it is the one that got me started on a track which i didn’t deviate from. When you find something you love and you recognise it as such, you hold on tight and run with it.

It is a 7 ft Keyo as you can see a super tight pin tail with the fin set right back, this board wasnt made to turn in a hurry, But I was small and light and it was in better shape and I still remember the first few rides I got on it, on a small clean beach break on the south coast in the christmas holidays. Just getting to my feet angling across and getting off before I hit the sand, best feeling in the world.

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3 Responses to The start of it all.

  1. Bill Jackson says:

    I have a 7’6″ of similar shape I bought at Keyo in 1973. It carries many wounds from surfing reefs in pre leg rope days but I still love and treasure it. Sadly It does not have a shapers name on it. Would love to know who was working at Keyo at that time.

  2. Rick says:

    Could be Neal Purchase but it looks like Steve Lennard to me

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