Surfin hearse, and South Coast weird.

Found this Hearse on Ebay a number of years back, for some odd reason I always had a soft spot for hearses, after seeing movies like “Harold and Maud” and seeing pictures of the one Ed Roth used to travel around in.

This one had super low kms when I bought it and drove as smooth as silk with a 318 v8 and auto transmission, it even came with a coffin when I purchased it and finding somewhere to store a full size coffin is harder than you think, it freaks many people out. I had some good trips  in it up and down the coast, but up definitely needed to be cashed up as it  drank more and a sailor on shore leave.

It did have a bit of voodoo going on, at night the lights were always temperamental and would start flickering on and off, I had them checked on numerous occasions but they were never sorted. One late night I was driving from the south coast to Sydney and the lights started playing up really badly and I couldn’t get them right. So i thought the best I could do was pull over and sleep the night in the back and drive on at day break. It was around mid night and I pulled into Werri Beach thinking i will find a quiet car park to pull over and sleep in and as I am driving slowly down the side street I see something in the middle of the road. I thinking what is that and as I came up next to it I realised it was a man in the nude curled up on the road. Shit whats going on my mind was racing, what do I do, call the cops, has he been run over, is he dead, hell I didn’t know what to think. So I do a u turn to see if I could get the him off the road and as I did he stood up and walked on down  the street totally naked in no hurry and around the corner and that was the last I saw of that person. Man this is weird I know the deep south coast gets strange i lived there for a number of years but whats going on in this town. I put it down to sleep walking but if you are ever in Werri Beach at mid night be warned that it is clothing optional at that time on the street.

I still had to find somewhere to sleep and I assured you that was the first and last time I ever slept in the back of my hearse.

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