When Witzig turned on his brothers.

cactus 7In the early 70s some young surfers had found a place to get right away from it all, society the Vietnam draft ,parents, police, a place that had great waves in the middle of  no where a young person could be free. The place was called Cactus and had gained an under ground following and people were heading there to get away and get away with it with out the hassles of suburban Australia. Some figured this was better than where they were from and decided to stay and built make shift huts and humpies and it was free just scavange around for some wood and sheet metal to keep the sun off and a place for a bed this was basic living. But the waves kept coming there were plenty of fish and abalone to eat and there was desert weed to get you through the onshore days, living on the edge of the desert was harsh but you were free.cactus 8

Paul Witzig purchased 1200 acres of land from a local farmer fronting the surrounding breaks and envisioned a camping reserve that would help look after the fragile coastal eco system. Well to help with this plan he thought it would be best to get rid of the make shift huts the surfers had erected in the surrounding dunes and with the help of the local police ordered the shacks to be destroyed and rid the area of the free-living peoples.cactus 9

This all happened in 1975 and in certain pockets of the surf community this is still considered a crime against surfers who hold a resentment to Paul Witzig for ruining one of surfings free rides.

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4 Responses to When Witzig turned on his brothers.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Nothing last forever. How did they get water out there?

    • lyttlestreet says:

      Thats the truth nothing lasts so you might as well get it while you can, regards to water, well I guess they had to drive into town and hit up the local road house, now how they got wax out there god knows.

  2. You should ask John Witzig’s opinion on this. He edited “SURF International” for Gareth Powell just before I went to work for G.P. (and I could tell you some yarns about that – anyone remember the old yellow hearse they used for publicity? Think Steve Otten used to drive it around.)

  3. L Kay Hobbs says:

    Yes Paul and I were photographed with yellow hearse for the front cover of the first edition or Surf magazine……. Steve did drive it around promoting one of Pauls surf movies……the hearse was a giveaway to winner of competition promoting the movie.

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