Pro surfing, we cant handle the truth.

brazilAs a casual observer of Professional surfing contests which I occasionally see in the reruns of heats or the like, I take a passing interest in the state of play.Now I am not fully up to date on all the names and the latest stats as so forth but I have been wondering of late and this has probably been talked about in other places but I haven’t noticed it .Well my question is, are the powers that be terrified of a Brazilian winning a world title.

It seems pretty obvious that the debate over the last couple of contest I saw viewed on live stream. That it wasn’t that the judges wanted to see power surfing over aerial surfing like the commentators wanted you to believe, real reason they are scoring that way was because they believe that if a Brazilian wins this thing basically it is all over. No one much in the western world will be much interested any more in the whole competitive affair.It has always felt like the white man learnt how to make money off of this surf thing that was taught to them by the Hawaiians and they want to keep it in there control, and for the money to keep rolling the faces at the front have to be caucasian.

The young Brazilian guys surf rings around these old white war horses that are clogging up the arteries of pro surfing and everyone knows it with the live feeds available everyone is an arm chair expert. They can’t hide the truth anymore, and the head judge is doing what he believes is best for surfing,that is we can’t afford to have a brown man as a champ we need white men up front if the sport is to prosper in the first world.

It is highly visible in the media, like when was the last time you saw a Brazilan surfer in an Australian surf magazine, yeah that’s right like never. We are not interested and that is it, they don’t sell to Anglo Saxons its bad for business, like putting fat models in fashion magazines its a losing game and the big companies know it. They are desperately hoping that the new young guys will step up to the plate, the corporations know they need Julian Wilson or John john or the like that western world can relate to in skin colour. As this is just as important as surfing prowess right now, and The Professional Surfing Association are currently trying every trick in the book to keep the Brazilians at bay. These South Americans know they are being shafted and don’t seem happy about it, be interesting to see how it is resolved.

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2 Responses to Pro surfing, we cant handle the truth.

  1. Wopfish says:

    its a big farkurnell call but maybe your farkurnell right ! I’m feeling the whole rotation vibe happening – like the beginning of the tour maybe when Cheyne might have been robbed x a multitude because the industry wasnt looking that way ?? !!! Do i hear a similar echo with gabriel ?

    • lyttlestreet says:

      I don’t know if its just me or the way I see media delivered in this country, a classic example happened this week. All that big wave riding in Portugal, now in Surfer magazine web site there was footage of Maya eating it and having to be rescued. But it wasn’t until Lairds interview a few days later that we got to see Carlos Burle’s epic ride. Now I know if that was Dorian on that wave or like last year Garrett they would have been on page 3 of the Daily Telegraph, but the Brazilians don’t get a blip on the radar. My point is the media doesn’t think we are interested, so the companies in control don’t think we are interested, so how do they sell pro surfing if we aren’t interested in the champions. There formula seems to be don’t let them be champions.

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