The Basin, where it all began.

basin 1My earliest memory of going surfing was about, lets say a very long time ago I was at my cousin’s house in Killara on the North Shore of Sydney. Murray and Richard were older than me and one afternoon they said they were going surfing to Mona Vale and I was coming I figured I was about 9 yrs old at the time. They handed me a 4’10” purple Shane surfboard and said it would be good to learn on I am not even sure it had wax on it but I didn’t know any better. There mum drove us down to Mona Vale and Richard said I should go out at break called The Basin as it is easier for a beginner and I did I remember the water was cold it was way harder to do than I thought and there were rocks in my way, I am not sure if I caught a wave, but I was less than impressed. That is the memory I have and it comes back into my mind very year or so and I smirk and it fades away. I used to wonder if the Basin even existed or if was just a make-believe thing, I saw it a couple of years back and the realization that this was the spot was kind of  refreshing to know that it existed and looked kinda fun to surf.

Today was a hot Sunday morning with a clean north swell I thought I would take a drive to the Northern Beaches, and I pulled into to Mona Vale car park and noticed  little waves running along the shelf at the Basin and only 3 people out there. So I figured I better make amends after a very very long absence of 40 yrs and see what kind of waves my cousins brought me too all those years ago. Well I was pleasantly surprised and had some fun 2 foot peelers and enjoyed myself before a small crowd of do gooders  showed who seem to have over run these parts and took this little baby break very seriously. It turned into a pilgrimage of sorts and I am happy with that. ( yes I know the Indian ocean is alive with swell and I am stuck in a gold-fish bowl)

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2 Responses to The Basin, where it all began.

  1. petebowes says:

    you forgot to mention the slab out in the middle of the bay, and the left that never works off north point ..

  2. Timmy Rogers used to surf The Basin – back in the day. Once saw Ronny Mansfield skindiving there. He popped up out of the water with a lobster in each hand. Shhh. Keep it to yourself.

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