Surfers that drove Valiants #6, Alex Knost.

KnostKnost 1

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4 Responses to Surfers that drove Valiants #6, Alex Knost.

  1. John says:

    Hey Jimmy,

    My Dad drove a valiant regal station wagon. I can still remember the number plate EGA 241.

    Dad wasn’t a surfer but in the summer of 1972 he bought me my first single fin from Don Brown for $50.00, It was a second hand 6’5 Diamond tail home made job. The fin hummed whenever it got some speed. I presumed that was the norm. I then needed to get a legrope. At that time there was a lot of debate about legropes, Should you swim for your board or risk having you leg pulled off. Old school Vs New school ideologies. So in the beginning I swam a lot. I think I found my first leg rope. It consisted of a piece of rope and a black rubber cord and a long sock which I tied around my ankle. I was stoked. Dad soon after bought my brother a 6’3 Shane single fin. So the journey began. As winter approached the next challenge was to get a wetsuit. Again my first one was old perished diving vest zip up the front I found on the rocks. I convinced dad to get some glue and with fishing line stitched it up. It didnt last long.

    Dad eventually sold the Valiant and purchased a Holden V8 Statesman De Ville, Mediterranean blue with a brown vinyl roof from Don Clare Motors in Moruya. Styling!!!

  2. Rick says:

    Found this site last night,love it ! Anyone who can appreciate Craig Wilson & the BK pullout is a friend of mine….your POV on the Carrolls,Witzig@cactus eg are outstanding -breath of fresh air! Thanks. Rick

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