Instagram shows, M.R. is still a champion.

richards 2In this world of multi faceted media and so many ways to connect with people all over the world, Instagram is one that has taken the world by storm. Simple and easy to use and lots of fun, pictures, pictures and pictures, everyone is a photographer in this day and age of digital.

There is everyone you have ever wanted to meet on there and you can kind of connect with them in a brief way. So one of the most enjoyed Gram posts from a surfers point of view, seems to be Newcastle’s favourite son the great Mark Richards 4x world champ. He put up pics regularly of current events and surf pics of past and present, he does a long play on writing about the photo that the punters enjoy and is very informative. His knowledge and memory of surfboards he rode in the past is astounding and shows a real genuine love for the craft of surfboard building.richards 3

He apologies way to much for the short boardies of the eighties and the bright wetsuits with monograms of the 70s, but when you are M.R. you don’t have to apologies for anything as trivial as that. These are the things that made surfing unique and gave people personalities that are remembered, custom culture was killed off in surfing when companies realized there was no money in it and we are all the poorer for it. It is wonderful M.R. is showing he is still a champ in the modern world sharing knowledge, humility and grace to all that want to follow.

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