The Heist

the heist


The thing I love about Indonesia is that it never ceases to amaze me, things happen there which I would never of thought possible or even thought about at all. OK I am a little basic you may think and well maybe I am, but have you ever seen a daylight robbery of a bank conducted by a hypnotist, well have you? I rest my case.

Last night I watched the news and there was all this big sensation about a ram raid done in the middle of the city and the robbers had sledge hammers and smashed cars and generally made a mess to get their cash, basic no imagination all done before.

So back to the picture above I had gone into this money changer a couple of times in Seminyak and had noticed this photo taped to the wall. So I asked the man handling the cash what was going on in the shot and he told me that it was a robbery and the two people are hypnotists and that is what had happened in their branch a few weeks ago. The magicians had come in and talked to the girl at the counter put her under a spell and made her hand over a substantial amount of money all as easy and compliant as a puppy dog, she came around later had no recollection of what had happened and the magicians wandered up the street with a bag full of Rupiah job done. No damage no violence, too cool.

Well obviously the team got greedy and started working their way around the island and were eventually caught in Sanur pulling the same trick. So if you got a talent why not put it to use. Anyway I thought it was brilliant and if they had news like that in Australia the TV would be almost worth watching.

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One Response to The Heist

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Magic happens… that’s a classic.

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