Fast Eddie welcoming Peter Townend to the Islands

pt 4I don’t think I have ever seen this photo published in a surf magazine, but it looks like  Eddie Rothman giving PT a bit of Hawaiian hospitality, as Dane and Ian look on. This was taken around the time all the Aussies were getting hassled in Hawaii in 1977 I think. I read an interesting article in the surfers Journal by Witzig that basicly published his diaries he kept at the time. It reads that the bad vibes started with Rabbit and BK in a heat at Burleigh and Rabbit said something BK took offence and said wait till you get to Hawaii. Rabbit said it was miss construed and by the time he did get to Hawaii the word was out and Rabbit took some blows.

To his credit Rabbit kept returning to Hawaii to surf  and obviously has alot of love for the place and sometimes you realise these things come with the turf, as Greg Noll said if you gotta take a few lumps from the boys well that’s the game.

Anyway I dont dig violence of any kind and in many island situations fighting is never fair there is no such thing as one on one that is a western myth, if you beat one you got the rest of the neighbourhood to contend with you always lose.

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2 Responses to Fast Eddie welcoming Peter Townend to the Islands

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Great shot LS. It was always curious to me, how a Jewish dude from New York successfully became the self-appointed guardian such an ancient island culture. Would be interested to hear some of the older Hawaiians views…

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    Good point Bear I too would like to hear how it all came about.

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