Murray’s cannonball run.

m3Murray has always had a thing for fast cars starting at a young age, the cars have usually been European and quick and they aren’t just to be looked at they are to be driven and used what they were made for.

So when he sees a BMW m3 at auction and going way under book value in Perth, he can’t resist the opportunity to grab it, and on ringing the business there is one catch it has to be out of here on Friday morning, and it is Thursday afternoon. Most people would ring the trucking company to pick up and transport it to the east coast, logical but not fun. Instead you ring you nephew book two flight for the next morning , and just after doing so your wife reminds you of the party they are going to on Saturday night ahh. Ok honey I be there wondering just what is possible.

Get the car that morning in Perth all signed away by 11 am and into town for lunch and on the road at midday. So it all about covering as many kilometres as possible in as shortest time without attracting the attention of the cops and seeing what the car is up for and by the sound of it is up for heaps. Kalgoolie, Coolgardi slide by then fuel at Bordertown, The trip o meter reads 155km average and that is how it stays most of the way. Tuck in behind a road train at dusk to avoid hitting any Roos or cows that have strayed onto the road and they don’t have much change out of 140, speed limiters don’t seem to be a issue with federal interstate transport.

They know there is the road stops at Ceduna so a little small talk to the boys in blue and outside the town limits its on again miles of straight black top to the horizon, which you can eat up at speed, then the tricky part is to choose the right road connections that link the Eyre Hwy to the Hwy leaving Adelaide without  having to go right into town. This trip wasnt for sight seeing it was purer function, Drive, eat, toilet no niceties just go flat out for as long as you can. The Hay plain is a long dry stretch of misery but moving at 180 you pass through it in no time, they made Bathurst at 4 pm Saturday and and Murray was in Sydney and showered and ready to go out at 8 pm and full of praise for the M3.

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2 Responses to Murray’s cannonball run.

  1. Todd says:

    Classic! Will it become a ute?

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    Not sure if this one will go over to Tomakin Prestige, for a little metal massage.

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