Killing time at Tugu in Bali.

tugu 4Some days in Bali you are feeling lazy or the waves are small and it doesn’t warrant the effort to go to the reefs, these days I have found myself going longboarding at Tugu near Canggu. I recently bought a secondhand 10ft Bob Brown longboard which I leave in the cafe there and it a great place to relax and cruise into a few waves. Drink some juice in a couple of cafes in the car park and watch the mix match of surf culture happen in in front of you with the surf schools catering to all nations. It can get hectic but if you remain light-hearted you can laugh the crowd off and have a good time.canggu 1canggutuguIMG_0880IMG_0888IMG_0891

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3 Responses to Killing time at Tugu in Bali.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Nice hang 5 mate…

  2. spango says:

    brow.had a gr8 week at that same spot myself..left hand cruising on the mono fin..bannana jaffles after,washed down with a coppi sussu dengan gula….gold.

  3. Santacruz says:

    Nice one Jimmy

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