Allan Byrne, Supply Agent to the underground speed seekers.

allanIt was tragic news to hear the passing of Allan Bryne recently who was undeniably both a brilliant surfer and shaper of boards, and from what i have heard and read a wonderful person.

I learnt a few things from the man even though I never met him, I remember reading once that he was in Hawaii shaping boards and surfing and staying in a tent in someones backyard. That for example is an important lesson to remember for me as the most important thing is to be there where ever that maybe that is important to you. If you want to be in Hawaii for big wave season go use your initiative and be part of it don’t dwell too much on the financial otherwise time passes seasons go and so does your passion, we must do things when we are most enthusiastic about them.

Last year I was on the Gold Coast and a friend of mine who rides boards shaped by Allan was talking about them and I made some small talk about how was interested in getting one and the cost and so forth. My friend said I will give him a call and ask, now this was a Sunday afternoon and I am thinking you really shouldn’t be calling a person to discuss such a thing at this time. But it was no problem Dave chatted to him for a moment I felt a little embarrassed to be a stranger making requests on a Sunday, but on hanging up I was told it the board could be done for a very reasonable amount which I was more than happy with. Then I said I will think about it and work out what I want, and you know I let it slide and that is stupidity on my behalf when someone of that stature offers you something that is handmade, beautiful, unique and affordable you except and you thank them. Don’t be a fool and think time is on your side and you will do something about it sometime down the line, be decisive, and deal with nice people.ab

Thirdly motorbikes and Bali, I love motorbikes and riding them, and in a warm climate it is wonderful to feel the wind. But over the years I have had some scares and just last year I thought I would save some money and rent a motorbike to my usual car rental. Well that is fine but I remember I was on the way to Uluwatu coming down the hill behind Padang and I was behind a truck in a low gear I thought about overtaking then I thought no relax take it easy. So I went down the hill slowly the road flattened out the truck is still moving slowly I decide overtake I get half way there and a truck comes around the corner at speed from the other direction. I apply the back brake hoping to slow down and tuck back behind the vehicle I am passing but there is some dirt on the road and the wheel locks and skids shit everything happens fast. But all I am thinking is keep your elbows in and don’t let the back wheel slide out I had inches on either side of me, hell I got through it but on arrival I was shaken and nervous. I also had the wrong board for the waves so I was angry with myself, or trying to be a cheap Charlie.Forget it my life, health and holiday doesn’t deserve this I choose to drive a car there is too much temptation on a bike.

The world has lost a great one thoughts go to the family and friends.ab 1

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3 Responses to Allan Byrne, Supply Agent to the underground speed seekers.

  1. wopfish says:

    I reposted a link sent to me the other day of AB taking on a giant Hawaiin wave on his 60th Birthday and only hoped I had half those kahunas ! Surf in Peace… some where some place AB

    • lyttlestreet says:

      Yeah he sure wasn’t afraid of having a go even later in life, something for everyone to aspire to, the had big stones. I was in a store in Bali last week am\nd they had a bunch of his boards in there sure are amazing vehicles. R.I.P.

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