School drop off done right.

jap mum


I went to Clovelly Primary School when I was a kid and one of my best mates was called Bugs we were really good friends and were mad about dragster bicycles which we rode around on every afternoon, racing, skidding, jumping things, crashing, normal stuff. I had a normal dragster which I stripped all the unnecessary stuff off so I could go faster and he had the 3 speed chopper, man I wanted that bike.

I used to go around to Bugs place every afternoon on the way home from school and it was so different to mine, his dad was a serious biker and that had American flags pinned to the walls and chopper posters all over, there were copies of Easy rider magazine strewn about the place it was a dark den with a touch of menace. But his mum and dad were cool and let Bugs and me do what ever we wanted, which was dream of being bikies, we used to get around in sleeveless vests and jeans and try to do wheelies like my neighbours could and that was my life before I discovered surfing.

I used to walk to school and it was pretty uneventful usually, but Bugs would often show up on the back of his dads Chopper with the king and queen seat, extended forks and ape hanger bars, the full kit. It was so out there or his mum would pick him up in her green metal flake VW beetle after being at the beach all day still in her bikini, it was classic. Unfortunately the area became affluent which pushed the fun people out and there ain’t no chance of seeing anything like that around these parts anymore, just drab BMW and Audi driving house wifes with not an ounce of sex appeal or devil-may-care attitude, shame really.

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One Response to School drop off done right.

  1. brad says:

    here here bring back the larrikin

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