Miki Dora’s speed contest.

contestIn the mid 70s Mr Dora came up with an idea for a surf contest with absolute parameters as the who was the fastest man alive on a sur board. The basic idea was to time the rider between 2 fixed points on a fast peeling point wave. Miki says he will be putting up $50,000 of his own money in a winner takes all speed duel, so naturally it had to be a scam, and the contest was forgotten before i could recall it. But maybe the idea had merit who knows, as long as you were prepared to lose our entry and not expecting to see a winners cheque well there could have been an interesting turn out.bunker 1

Like bunker Spreckles here posing next to the Black Princesses Lotus obtained on the grey market where it went missing in Ireland and appeared on the docks in U.S. with da Cat at the helm. The story goes the original owner was happy with the insurance money claimed on the missing  vehicle and the performance was up to scratch in the Malibu hills and canyons, every ones a winner babe ain’t that the truth.

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5 Responses to Miki Dora’s speed contest.

  1. petebowes says:

    A cheque signed by Miklos Dora – now that would be something to frame, no need to take it to the bank.

  2. wopfish says:

    I hear that Reno was supposedly the fastest on that point to point to scale…… not sure if thats reliable or proved info but his style and his size certainly made him appear a speed demon !

    • lyttlestreet says:

      Yes I would agree I remember reading and article of his call At Speed and nominated waves of calibre and surfers to match. Flat out speed aint regarded as it used to be. I have a good shot of Reno doing his thing will have to put it up.

  3. wopfish says:

    Yeah Ive seen him at Sunset I think – charging straight down the face but rail to railing the board – I’m presuming for a speed increase…… where as most would be happy to just take the drop, hold a line and then turn up ! Reno surfs it like he can see his car being broken into on the beach and needs to get back in to sort them out !!!!

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