Crozier kneeboard restoration.

crozier 2My mate Keith is a lifelong kneeboard devotee, and loves scouring around for old boards that take his interest. He found this Crozier kneeboard recently at a surf swap in Sydney and decided he would splash out and get the board professionally restored. The pick of  surfboard restoration in this town is Jackson surfboards based in the Cronulla area and happen to be one of the first established surf business in the country and are still going in the same premises.crozier 3

This is Crozier slab was popularized in the 70s by the great Peter Crawford who was a great surfer before probably becoming better known as a photographer later in life, and features the super long fin box which houses the  extreme looking sickle fin, I would say this board would have been made around 1974.crozier 1

Anyway this blue baby got a second lease of life and and looks fantastic and that it, so look after the things that mean something in your life, it makes you feel good.

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2 Responses to Crozier kneeboard restoration.

  1. Scotty says:

    what an absolute beauty! I’d love to get hold of something like that. My first kneeboard was a McDonaugh? Aware Knees twin – it had a sad end, but it looked great and surfed “easy”

  2. nigel says:

    David Parkes can make you one Scotty, just as good as an original IMHO, he’s done a couple for me.

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