Ted is lucky he ain’t dead.(shark story)

shark 1I know a man named Ted as he is more waterman than I ever will be or dream of being, he is in the water a lot, surfing and free diving seem to be his thing. Well a little while back I see him checking the surf and ask him what up, he is a very low-key guy and says he is out of the water for a while he got injured. Oh yeah things happen I am thinking strained back at work that kind of thing, a little more small talk I ask what happened, he says a few nights ago he was out spear fishing in the river mouth and a woebegone shark bit him. Now I am thinking fuck are you doing spear fishing at night in the Moruya river mouth, well with Ted your dealing with a different type of person than the one who goes home after work and puts on the T V. So he lifts his shirt and he has some big black bruising across his chest and back, the say the shark although toothless had some stong  jaws and came out of the weed and grabbed him and pulled him under and nearly drowned him it was his relentless struggle and continued punches that finally loosened his jaws and allowed his escape. Now after that story I am almost a bag of nerves myself thinking that is a situation I never want to be anywhere near.

Then he says to me that is nothing compared to what happened a month prior now I am wondering what could be worse than that, and this is what he says, now with anyone else by now I would be sceptical but well Ted’s straight up. He doesn’t seek attention and would not have told me if I didn’t ask.

So he has a mate that lives up in Seal Rocks area of N.S.W. and Ted was visiting so they go out to his favourite offshore reef  about 5 kms out to sea freediving, and the name of the game is with a very big spear gun shoot the biggest fish you can find. Now there is a rope attached to the spear and at the end of the rope a float, so you shoot the fish drop the gun and grab the float and the fish takes you for a wild ride until it runs out of life then you reel it in and throw it in the boat.

So everything is going swimmingly they’re having a great time until a very big shark appears out of no where and fronts Ted straight on, he shits himself and starts backpedaling to where the boat is he is keeping an eye on the shark which has swam away but looks like it is circling back to have another look and sure enough it returns comes up close, we are talking 10 to 12 foot shark here which he knows he is powerless against. His mate has seen the shark and is already in the boat and Ted can’t get there quick enough, the shark does one more circle and fronts him again checks him out and then splits for good, by this time he is at the boat and climbs on board with the help of his mate and says did you see that shark I thought I was gone for sure, his mate was white as a ghost and says that one was nothing compared to the one behind you, I didn’t think I was going to see you back on board.

Turns out there was a huge shark behind him and the first shark was eyeballing the big mumma to see who’s prey Ted was going to be, Ted said I am glad I never turned around other wise I would have had a heart attack and died. That’s Ted lucky to be alive but it’s all part of the of the way he uses the sea, he goes places I haven’t dreamed of or want to know about.

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