Bondi Nude Surfing Contest.

nude 1I spent a lot of time on the South Coast in a town called Broulee, it had a population of 1147 humans and amoungst that 79 surfers on a sunny day. Now for a small number it sure punched above its weight in terms of skill level, local surfer Shane Weihner once surfed a Pipe masters final against Kelly Slater and Phil MacDonald one time finished 2nd at the end of year on the Pro tour. But these success stories hold nothing on the our towns stats when it came to greatest contest of them all the Annual Nude Surf Contest held at Bondi Beach as part of the Festival of Sydney each year and was open to men and women . Now I believe the contest only ran for only 3 years before the powers that be, realized everyone was having too much fun and the newly gentrified neighbourhood found the whole thing immoral and shut it down before their daughters took an interest in surfing nude.

Now out of the 3 contest held Broulee surfers Todd Haywood and Freddie won one each and also supported by other  town members in the finals. Now why this town produced so many great surfers that excelled in clothing optional conditions is unknown to me,but if you have a talent flaunt it, as they say in the classics.

This was a contest marked on brazen showmanship  and definitely not for conservative folk. There was no four best waves to the beach and that sort of charf, this was more avant gard a place where self-expression was given a free rein and rewarded by the judges who had no idea what surfing was supposed to look like or the rules of fair play, it was a freedom performance that was put on by naturalist, repressed catholics, nature lovers, perverts, exhibitionist and down trodden minorities. It was wonderful, it was ridiculous, it was hilarious, it brought people to the beach who had no business being there, and participants and spectators alike had a great time and it was popular.

So if the Pro Tour continues to struggle to get bums on the beach to watch their contests, I would humbly suggest send the contestants out in the nude and watch the rating climb.

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One Response to Bondi Nude Surfing Contest.

  1. wopfish says:

    I remember it well – it kind of kicked off Mardi Gras week from memory – lots of fun. Ive got some photos ( sadly not digitized ) of it . There was a surfing cowboy ie a Stetson wearer – plus three santas comboing on a wave ( or dropping in ) but either way they all had a droopy red pompom on. Talking of droopy red pom poms – I think you need to have big kahunas to paddle out there and then walk off the beach in front of the crowd as the coldish sandy suds can play havoc with ones crown jewel proportions ! It was mucho funbags all round. Glad to here your local town was represented in force. Aloha !

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