The mystery of Ketokmagic. {unanswered by the way}

ketok magicThere are 3 great mysteries in this big world of ours that no mortal man can explain, they are, how did they build the pyramids obvious, who shot J.R. Ewing in the 80s series of Dallas, damn missed the first episode and didn’t see who did it. But by far the biggest mystery in the world today which no questions are being raised about, even Obama skirts the issue, is what the hell goes on behind the doors of a Ketokmagic shop.

Now I am not here to give you the answers because if I knew them I would have taken those skills to the West and opened shop and made more money than god and eaten hamburgers and died young like Elvis, also remember what happened to Bruce Lee when he went Hollywood with his skills, no good. What starts in the East stays in the East.

If your are unaware of these garages they are spread all over Indonesia and they profess to do panel beating with magic. No one is allowed to see what actually takes place inside every thing is performed behind closed doors in the dead of night. But some weird unexplainable shit happens because if your rental car takes a turn for the worse and you know that lousy insurance cover you forgot to sign up for to save yourself $13, ain’t going to kick in and the owner has come up with some super small print in clause 5b that says you gotta pay a bucket load of Rupiah before thinking about leaving the island. Well is ketokmagic is your new best friend, and you don’t have many options, I know of numerous incidences where the distressed driver have taken there Kijang or Jimny that needed some serious metal repair doing and returning in a few days and everything taken care of no problem just like new.

Remember that guy who could bend spoons using mind power on the Don Lane show, and old Don caught him out cheating, well its like that I guess but without Don obviously. Its metal magic, through trance and mind power they can transform that fender bender and make it good, and that’s all I know and it’s all you need to know. It is another reason we are wary of the Asian world they have many tricks that our logical western mind does not comprehend, which is good for everyone.

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2 Responses to The mystery of Ketokmagic. {unanswered by the way}

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    As part of the service… they switch your factory engine parts for sub-grade chinese repro’s… then sell off the originals – hence the locked door policy…

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    Ah yes the old midnight rare spares trick, genuine stolen parts. Thank you for the insight.

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