Jeff Hakman jamming at Sunset.


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4 Responses to Jeff Hakman jamming at Sunset.

  1. wopfish says:

    Sunset for me is the all time wave !!! Sadly never been – but to watch BK, Hakman, Chapman, Aipa, Aikau and a whole heap of others ride her…. is best for sure. She looks slippery – many mistake the take off point and get caught by foam bomb or have to rush and turn to make up the section. even the master BK struggles to tame her but is prepared to loose it all for a fateful ride. Yeah Pipe – get in and get out – or Waimai hold the high the high line and keep your nerve. But Sunset looks like the thinking mans wave – you need to take off just right and then make it to the next re entry and then you might be set up to finsh the rest……. love it and a great shot of the original tarzan !!!! FYI his biog is a god read !

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    I thought you might like that shot, the 70s were like the high point of Sunset surfing, these days you look at an issue of a Hawaiian winter and all you see is Pipe and Backdoor and a 4 ft day at Rocky Point its so boring. Basicly the problem is the boards of today dont like those thick open ocean waves, you cant catch them and they cant carve a long line required to round a section. The other thing I loved about that 70s surfing was no legropes so mistake made you pay with a swim, BK must have been an Iron man because he made many mistakes and swam a heap. But kept going back and putting it all on the line. Yep Mr Sunset was a good book, thats true.

  3. wopfish says:

    Yep no leg rope – different class of waterman back then me thinks. Have you read the North Shore Chronicles ? I’m sure you have but if not its by Bruce Jenkins its a good one – more the 80’s and 90’s really but a good read either way.

  4. lyttlestreet says:

    I have not read it but I know he is a good writer so I will look out for it, thanks for the tip.

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