Burleigh Heads Single fin contest.

burleighWhile spending time on the Gold Coast I and watched the annual single fin contest at Burleigh Heads, which was great as the waves were pumping. I hadn’t been to Burleigh for a while and had forgotten how good a wave it can be, the waves weren’t big but when they hit the bank they would just spin down the line and a perfect barrel ride was possible. The guys that live at this break have it wired, you just have to hold a good line drag your arm in the wall to slow down and stay the course.burleigh 3

There were a lot of great surfers in the contest and many very impressive ones I hadn’t heard of. The boards had to be single fins pre 1985 and naturally there were mostly Queensland labels being ridden, the eventual winner was Rasta riding a Murray Burton, Pipedream, 6 channel, triple flyer pin tail, now that’s a mouthful.rasta 1

It’s almost worth entering to get 25 mins of the point with 4 other guys out, your allowed 10 waves, and if you picked the right one, hellaluya  brother, could be the best tube of the year.rastaBurleigh 2


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One Response to Burleigh Heads Single fin contest.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Hard to decide what’s better… the wave or all those boards – classic.

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