My mate John, and backyard boards.



This is John with his first custom board by a backyard out fit called Natures Own, it was made across the road from my house by Geoff Shell in Broulee. A 6’4″ flyer rounded pin which were happening at the time, this was about 1975, and John was pretty stoked with his new machine.

Backyard board factories were apart on the fabric of all coastal towns and it really gave places an identity, the local guys rode the local boards and people would always be going around hanging out seeing what was being made it was good fun in these towns.

Times have changed, but the waves keep coming and Johns still riding them, and the stoke  of getting a new board is as strong as ever.


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3 Responses to My mate John, and backyard boards.

  1. Krystle Schell says:

    I’m Geoffs daughter if u know were I can get any of these boards please let me know we have managed 2 get 2 and would love 2 c more..


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