Even in freedom there are rules.

cambellThere is the paradigm and the catch phase these days is ‘the ride everything’ ethos which has been around since Jesus was a boy. But now it is a slogan and it can be marketed as such and people can now buy into it and feel comfortable being part of some thing that is now officially named. So if the short board movement is feeling a little stale after 15 yrs of doing the same moves and you feel you deserve to move with a more intellectual looking crowd, and you have a penchant for lace up leather shoes without socks and cardigans. You have have probably been eyeing this movement and wondering if you should jump in, knowing full well lots of your mates will think your suspicious.classic

Now when they say ‘ride everything’ they actually don’t mean that. The grand pooh-bah of this movement Thomas Campbell, set down guidelines in his movies and recent book ‘Slide your Brains out’ this can be used as a how to manual, so it is best you study them for clues.thomas 1

I will short track it for you, Longboards and logs are different, You must ride a log which is fucken difficult to do well especially if you ride average beach breaks. The fin must be glassed on and big and D fin is hip but only in the car park in the water its nothing but trouble. Resin tints, full pigments or combinations of both will get you noticed and set you back a pretty penny, this movement isnt for cheap charlies so be warned the credit card will get a work out. Now to fit in with this crowd you are going to have to dump your Al Merricks and all your thrusters basically because although  the ride everything ethos sounds all-encompassing it ain’t. If you want to ride a short board you are expected to show up on a fish with keels prefered although they have slimmed them down considerably since first reappearing this allows them to ride not dissimilar to a thruster. Other boards that are accepted are mini simmons, pieces of wood of any shape and any body surfing device.richard kevin

A modern take on a single fin is considered essential but for some reason all influence behind the shape you chose should come from the 68 to 73 time period. It is as if nothing that has been done since is worthy and we are saying we would rather go through the struggle of finding this out for ourselves is vibe, that’s cool. You can try a hull and put your surfing back to the dark ages, so you will be wondering which way is up after a few weeks of catching rails and the occasionally meaningful bottom turn. All fins must have some sort of Greenough reference as a stage this or that, you will pick up the lingo but may have few people to use it on. Most people wont understand what you are up to but you can assure them it is all about feeling and leave it at that, you will come off as a deep thinker and meaningful person which is the purpose after all.as_surf_rincon_egg_800

So if you want to join this ride everything movement just make sure you don’t ride just anything as you will be stepping out of line. So if the rules and regulations get to restricting and you get confused as to which board you should be riding and which beach you should be riding at, well sit down make yourself a cup of tea, and do you own thing.jap

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One Response to Even in freedom there are rules.

  1. Superb item Mr Lyttle Street. But I think you overlooked one key aspect of this movement: not wearing a legrope, despite your ability or lack thereof. It’s important to look and feel free even if it jeopardises the safety of everyone around you. A D fin looks even cooler as it flips its way to the beach, sans rider.

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