Kneeboarding in the 70s.

When I started surfing in the 70s kneeboarding was a popular thing especially around the reefs of Sydney there was always a cluster of them that liked to take off late and deep and hunt those hard to get tubes. Places like Little Avalon, The wedge, Dee Why Point, Fairy Bower and on the Southside The Bombi, Maroubra, Cronulla and Shark Island all had there groups of knee riders.By the mid 80s the numbers were diminishing fast as anyone with a insatiable appetite for a barrel rode a boogie board and today it is a dying form of wave riding.

I always liked to watch it when a good rider put on a show, the 70s were it’s heyday and these are some shots I recently found which I would say were taken in California in the San Diego area. The Fish twin fin was the design of choice in those parts. where as over this way the slab style board was popular with the large single raked flex fin, there were a few spoons around but they proved difficult to ride due to the lack of floatation so it was rare to see one ridden.

Anyway he is my tribute to a forgotten way of wave riding, enjoy.

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