Tubesteak headed for the pearly gates.

Sad news I read that Tubesteak had died, this is a picture of him chatting to Gidget at Malibu in the late 50s. He was probably the most famous beach bum in history, when he lost his job in 56 he decided to move to Malibu beach and made a shack to live in on the sand and stayed there for 2 years until the county pulled it down.

But the fateful naming of Gidget and girl midget he decried it must be a gidget, and she told daddy, when her father heard about her stories and the colourful characters that went with them he wrote the story. The books hit the stands and the movies  followed and the hordes of humans that wanted to be surfers and wanted to get in on the fun, well the masses steam rolled through and the beach was never the same again.

This photo marks the turning point for surfing when it became a marketable commodity Tubesteak in the movies was now known as the Big Kahuna and portrayed as a romantic at heart, and a philosopher in thongs. The time when you could escape to the sand and no one would bug you came to an end. Now everyone wanted what he had but it was no longer available, it only lasted a moment but the memories of warm sand between you toes will stay with you forever.

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One Response to Tubesteak headed for the pearly gates.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Where would surfing be without the mythology that surrounds it…. that’s a classic image.

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