My big disappointment.

My big disappointment when in France some years back is I badly wanted to get a photo of myself doing just this at Guethary, sitting on the same bench with my feet on the wall checking the surf just like Dora. I went there with a friend got it all set up on a beautiful warm afternoon nice glassy sets rolling in, perfect, I sit down on the Bench and stretch out and hey what the fuck. Something is wrong my legs don’t reach the wall, I look down and sure enough they built a new bench and instead of putting it in the same spot the dirty rats moved it back a mitre so unless your inspector gadget your feet don’t touch the wall, shit.

The silver lining was that underneath this lookout is the all time favourite cafe in the world call Goofy food, home-made cakes and good coffee, they sold second-hand clothing, old single fins and Birdwells, what a combo. I wasted a lot of hours hanging around their waiting out the cold onshore winds.

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