Searching for Craig Wilson

Is it possible to have a surf hero who you have only seen 2 waves ridden by, I think so in ‘A Winters Tale’, a surfer called Craig Wilson rides 2 waves at Makaha and rides them so well he immediately becomes my favourite surfer, boom. I searched around I found this one image by Art Brewer, and saw some photos in a long-lost Surfing World Magazine, that’s it.

Watching the Movie ‘Super Session’ Larry Bertleman is talking and he mentions his name so that’s good enough he is a legit super surfer in my mind, but then nothing. Now last night I saw a great movie called ‘Searching for Sugarman’, about some fans in South Africa looking for Rodriguez the singer and how they went about it and found him, it was a moving story and great movie.

So if anyone has some surf shots of the great Craig Wilson from Hawaii I believe Westside but I could be wrong, send them my way, would be awesome to post them up for all to see.

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4 Responses to Searching for Craig Wilson

  1. James Wilson says:

    I like the article that you wrote about my father. I’ll try to find some pictures of my dad and send them out to you. It would be great to see some of his old surf sessions posted up again and brought back to life. Craig Wilson was the man back in his prime and he can still get down. He was born to surf!

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    Wow I am so stoked you found this little story on your father, I really dont know much about him but dug the way he surfed and that is a good start. When I wrote this originally I was secretly hoping a good friend or family member may write something so its warming to know the power of the internet.
    Yeah if you have any photos of your father surfing or stories from his time surfing in the islands I would love to hear them and see the shots, Great surfers need to be seen by the wider audience and appreciated by the brothers and sisters of the surf, there are many great surfers from Hawaii who havent been heard of for sometime I want to bring island style back to life.
    Stay intouch James and anything you have to share would be great, happy to hear Craig still surfs, stay stoked.

  3. marshall oxentine says:

    he was doing moves back in 70’s that they’re doing today he was the original shreader. brada marshall the ox

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