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This is a photo of one of the most tubed humans in the world Paul Macklin, it was taken over 20 yrs ago when we thought we would see what the surf potential was of the island of Simeulue in Indonesia.

The trip started bad and basically went down hill from there, but I leant 2 valuable lessons on that trip with regard to island surfing, they were the leeward side of islands often have the best surfable waves, and best surf spots are often in the least obvious spots.

Hence this image I would not even know where to find this spot again, there was a big rough swell running with a strong onshore wind blowing on this day. We decided to tucked in behind a small offshore island to get out of the weather and the very uncomfortable motoring conditions. We found a calm spot and thought we would sit it out for a while, all well and good but that got boring pretty quick and after a few hour we were antsy, the island was tiny and we were moored in a tranquil spot but the boat started to drag anchor and as it did we saw around the corner of the bay we were sitting in and that where this wave was breaking. We  went from a bummed out bunch of gringos to the most excited kids ever, we could not believe we were so close to such an amazing wave breaking along the inside of the island where we would least expected to find surf and we could have quite easily missed it all together. Go further one more headland, over that dune, under that cliff may find what you were looking for.

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One Response to Go further

  1. spango says:

    shmackle can ride anything.i have a photo at home of shmack out harries..maybe 25yrs ago now,mate,the image speaks for itself..the wave is 2 times his size.why must time pass.growing up around our surf breaks,what a joy it was..as i said,the guy can ride any wave.small or big,and he still comes out of the water stoked…can,t wait to surf with him again.hope its soon..

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