Jack Lord was a super styling Haole.

I have had the mixed blessing recently of having access to cable T.V. there are some weird ass shows made these days about everything that continually surprise me as I come out of  a sheltered Australian watered down 5 channel background. Shows like Doomsday Preppers and Sniper, they took be by surprise and were so outlandish they secretly held my attention for way too long.

Anyway I did get to watch some great reruns of the original Hawaii 5 0 I used to love this show when I was young and enjoyed watching it again. I tried the new series and was hoping for something to eventuate but sadly the casting was all buggered up. Naturally its Hawaii so you can’t have any native looking islanders in the main cast, the audience obviously don’t dig brown people. But the biggest blunder was the casting of Steve McGarrett, the boss, now good on them for giving an Aussie ago, but you aint ever going to hold a candle to Jack Lord as the tough ass hoale big wig who’s going to get to the bottom of any crime case in Waikiki. With his permafrost hair do and trade mark snarl, he trampled the island in leisure suits for all occasions, and if an Aloha shirt was required he had them in spades and hung em with the best. McGarrett drove Mercury’s, Danno and the team slummed it in Fords, the tires always squeeled driving  around corners, and the beach was never far away.

When I was in Hawaii if did an impromptu tour and was pointed out Jacks house as he stayed on the live in Hawaii after to the shows 12 year span had run out and he caught perennial bad guy Wo Fat in the last episode. They say the show did great things for Hawaiian tourism and the opening sequence is dripping with Aloha, waves, canoes and hula girls.

Book em Danno murder one, send it to Chan in forensics, put out an APB on him, these lines never sounded so good, Jack Lord was made for this roll.

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One Response to Jack Lord was a super styling Haole.

  1. spango says:

    ch 72 on daytime tele in syd at midday.. the classic greek himself..kojak..his one liners are gold.

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