Gone but not forgotten. Banda ache.

I found this photo yesterday taken on a surf trip in 1989 in Banda ache, we ran into this wave by accident and were grateful for it. I remember it as being very hot, very islamic, and very friendly, and there were great waves with no surfers in sight.

In this picture is a friend of mine called Rob he was on the road with me that year and enjoyed himself immensely he was walking up to the reef no hurry no one is going to show up all day you can catch any wave you want.

Time passes Rob has passed away, and the small town we stayed in was a ground zero direct hit when the tsunami devastated the region some years ago.

Enjoy your moments in the sun, long may you run.

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3 Responses to Gone but not forgotten. Banda ache.

  1. tony says:

    Hiya, nice post mate….paul macklin gave me your link….i’m Rob’s brother
    thanks for the memories..don’t see too many pics from them days

  2. spango says:

    was at a garage sale about a year ago and picked up a k c surfboard..twin fin swallow..now when i hear rob in small talk,photos or listening to the straits..i think of him on a k c out the pebble.the wave is a lefthander.but one wave i saw rob on.one late arvo in the eighties,he went all the way to peter pans straight up the rocks..for some reason that stays in my mind forever..thinking of you mate.sorry..we are all thinking of you..

  3. fitzy says:

    Is that Lloknya – we were there in 85…good memories of agreat place!

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