The day the Duke came to town.

My grandfather migrated to Australia at the turn of the last century with his parents from Czechoslovakia he was 7 yrs old and they first settled in the Sydney suburb of Bronte. He and his brother learnt to swim and body surf at the local beach as teenagers, and often used to tell me the story of the day Duke Kahanamauku came to the Bronte Beach to give a surf and swimming exhibition. It was a  huge day lots of excitement and hundreds of people showed to watch the famous Hawaiian show what could be done in the ocean.

It always amazes me the crowds that used to attend events in the old times thousands of people would show to see something happen, word of mouth, no technology no phone, maybe some posters and if something was on everyone went to see what was up.

They were great memories for my grandfather and when he recounted it you could feel the excitement of him in his youth in a new country seeing amazing new things, that left a huge impression on him.

We all have to be grateful for what the Duke came and showed us in those days, how to enjoy the ocean and the joy it can bring to our lives and help spread the Aloha spirit.

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One Response to The day the Duke came to town.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    The thought of all those empty waves….

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