Case of beer culture.

During my time living in small towns there were always a local character that were very handy at being able to do a variety of things with their hands. They could wield, repair your lawn mower, start your car, operate all manner of machines, you name it they could do it, and they could drink and that’s what they likes to do most. The drinking usually started at about 11 in the morning so if you needed them to do some work for you, you had to get in early, because after that the day was toast. They usually had some sort of arrangement with the government that gave them an income and this was subsidized with a little cash work that lubricated the wheels. The idea of a steady job and the stench of wages had no place in their life, it was day-to-day and that was fine with them.

But most jobs were bartered for and the most common bartering tool was a case of beer, and all sundry types of work could be attained for a case of beer.

That is how I was able to secure this cool Panel van for Keith some years back in much worse condition than can be seen here, but with some persuasion and cash and a case of beer to deliver it to the garage where it was to undergo its transformation the deal was done. Yes the 5 slot mags were also had for a case of beer and a bottle of Vat 69. South coast economics, simple and effective.

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  1. spango says:

    like wagon,

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