Old cars, in the country.

For some reason I am attracted to old beat up cars, maybe I was a hill billy in a earlier life, well I kinda almost was when I moved to the deep South Coast when I was 18. It was a great time when country was still country as they say, lots of good friends and fun times no cares and a ton of freedom. Unfortunately everyone wanted a piece of it and tried to turn the place into a housing estate which brought with it people who liked things neat and tidy and quiet and nice. The fun and the ratbags got washed out which was a shame.

Anyway part of the influence of that time that was left with me was the old crappy cars everyone drove because that’s all we could afford, trying to fix things ourselves or around to a mates garage, second hand everything. Going to buy parts from the local wrecker, who was the scariest person in town, hated surfers with a passion and anyone with long hair deserved a whack in the head just for the sport, redneck paradise if you dared to do business on the wrong side of the Hwy. I once sold a car for $70, he only wanted the wind screen but I said he could have it all, rust killed everything on the coast, different time, but grateful to have experienced it.

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