He’s Holden guy.

Spango is a Holden guy and he has had everything from Belmont to premiers, EK’s, EH’s vans wagon sedans you name it as long as it is pre 75, that his thing. Loves to tinker  with them and can candle the minor maintenance, whether it’s on the street or a dirt paddock at Potato point he can get that machine up and motoring in no time.

Some years back I ran into Spang and he was driving around in a cute little metallic blue Barina, I questioned him on his choice of car as it was so out-of-place with his character. He mentioned all the usual things that your mother says like its cheap to run easy to park it’s so practical just for driving to work, I kinda  walked away thinking that aint right he’s a Holden guy and has been white washed and had all the goodness taken away. You got to hold on to somethings as a man or your wife or girl friend will strip you of all your previous personality and if they don’t society will do the rest.

So after getting back into bombs myself I urged the Spang to get a machine again, after a while he mentioned that a work mate had a Panel van he wanted to part with and I said he should go for it. Any way some time later he came back with this clean-looking number and he has been happy as ever since. I would have kept the mags it came with but he is a stock guy which i respect, and he loves nothing better than sitting on the tail gate after a surf at Maroubra and planning his next visit to Rare Spares.

You see Spango is Greek and they love iconic Aussie things I think more than there Angelo counter parts and enjoy having these classic items around whether its his old kneeboards or record collection its part of his heritage and identity and you don’t want to lose that.

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3 Responses to He’s Holden guy.

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Everyone should own a Holden once in their life… the day I sold my mint EJ… was a sad day indeed… cars are history..

  2. Spango’s a legend…and looks after his cars VERY well!

  3. spango says:

    the pano goes everywhere.if you see me on the road or towelling myself at your local carpark after a surf;give us a toot an wave,,also, it won’t be long before my e h is on the road;keep posted..

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