Joey Cabell, moved at break neck speed.

Sure i had heard of Joey Cabell and read some but nothing really in detail, and it seems he is one of those quiet guys who lets his actions do the talking, and in his case his actions scream very loud indeed.

I read Mike Doyle’s book which I posted up recently and there i gained an insight to this man who would dwarf in achievements and adventures of a pretty extreme nature, most of the surf legends of his time and anyone since.

Sure there was making a million by 30 by starting the chart house restaurants, the influence to Nat Young and the surf competition wins, but the reads that really intrigued are,

When he and Doyle swam the Napali coast over 3 days, 8 hours swimming a day, just set off in just there shorts and took a knife to pry shell-fish off the rocks to eat and slept on beaches and covered themselves with sand to stay warm. Simple hardcore. No need to take a camera crew back up support vehicle. Just jump in and go.

Or on skiing trip at which he excelled and was buried by an avalanche and miraculously found and when they uncovered his face he was smiling and said I knew you would find me.

Surfing 25 ft Hanalia Bay on Kauai, with just Doyle and breaking his board swimming in driving home and getting another then having the same thing happen later in the session, and doing the same god damn thing because as he said we may never see another day like this, 25 ft and perfect.

Sailing his big Catamaran down to Tahiti breaking the mast and having to crawl back to Hawaii under a make shift arrangements, that took a month out of food and what ever no problem  for joey.

I could goe on but you get the drift, this is one of those little heard about super men, that just did things at an extreme level because they could, not looking for praise or celebrety  status, just looked like a good adventure, make a plan lets do it. You have many of these so-called hellmen around today  but they would be shaking in their boots to trying to keep up with this guy. That’s without even mentioning he is full GQ to boot, there are plenty of people you don’t hear much of but they live extraordinary lives, doing amazing things way beyond the media spot light. It’s often the quiets one in the corner not saying much that you have to watch out for, there limits maybe way beyond  what you and I would feel comfortable with.

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One Response to Joey Cabell, moved at break neck speed.

  1. fins and foil says:

    Thanks for this update. Indeed, an extraordinary bloke doing some hardcore shit.

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