Cheyne Horan’s wonder board, 5’9″ triple flyer rounded pin McCoy.

This shot was taken at the 1977 Coke Surfabout at North Narrabeen, which was hampered by very small waves, and it was Cheyne’s first crack at the big leagues. Geoff McCoy had made him the triple flyer single fin which at the time was probably the most advanced board in the contest. He was able to buzz all over those little waves that most of the older more experienced pros were struggling on. Geoff knew Sydney waves well and the multiple flyers loosened up the tail and with a light weight teenager on deck he was probably the hottest small wave surfer around. He came 7th in the event but up put everyone on notice that this was the new standard.

Tom Carroll didn’t go in it that year as he thought he would hold back a year and was pissed off to see his arch rival at the time get a start and do well, and made him more determined to try the big contests as soon as possible.

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