One of the amazing creations of Maroubra’s, Peter Berry.

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6 Responses to One of the amazing creations of Maroubra’s, Peter Berry.

  1. Jeff says:

    wow wow wow wow Cuttlefish inspired maybe ?

  2. Mick Ryan says:

    I still have 3 of his kneeboards from the 70’s. He was an amazing rider, person and designer.

  3. Timothy Brady says:

    Synchronicity ! I was cleaning up one of the boards that Peter made for me in the early 80’s this morning. I sat down tonight and wondered if there was anybody who had documented his work. And here you are. The board is pretty battered now but still rideable. It is an 8’1″ twin fin diamond longboard with concave nose, convex hull and hydro tail. Everything was impeccable about the board including the spray job. Riding it was an experience that I have been unable to duplicate on subsequent boards. It could turn on a penny. Unique to the board was the reverse rocker on the tail end. It seemed to float until you stepped on the rail for a turn. It whipped around. Peter used to make them in a little shed at the back of his folk’s place at South Coogee opposite the cemetery. I saw him shape mine out in the sunshine on a pair of rickety wooden saw horses that rocked as the planer moved across the blank. It was never about the tools. It was always about the man. The back end behind the fin boxes snapped off after a rogue tube caught me on the paddle out on the “Bronte Express”. I had it repaired by Neal Cameron ( I think that’s Neal in the photo ) who used to run the local Coogee surf shop on Arden Street up past the hotel where the Holiday Inn now stands. Neal put me onto Peter. I am forever grateful. I tried to get a duplicate of it made a few years ago by a competent shaper but the result was a dismal failure. Peter, if you’re still out there, thank you for the opportunity to experience your amazing creations. All the best and may the Universe shine upon you.

    • Mick Ryan says:

      yes he was in Moverly Rd in the 70’s before moving. I used to spend quite a bit of time at his place in the shed out the back, or surfing with him at Maroubra beach or Lurline Bay (when the surf was big enough) also fishing either from his boat or out of modified kayaks. My boards are kneeboards still very useable and in good condition. Although I haven’t surfed on a kneeboard for years I just cannot bring myself to get rid of them. Would love to post pictures but cannot quite figure out how to do so. I agree with your sentiments whole heartedly both to the boards and more so to Peter himself.

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