Hemlines on the Pro tour.

Everyone who has been going to the beach in the last 3 years has seen the that the board shorts has gone through a revamp  and the trend to shorter legged board shorts has been happening.

Now this is nothing new or unusual hems on all legs go up and down over time as fashion constantly revolves, and new styles and influences emerge. But what I am yet to see is a top line pro surfer wear a pair of shorts even a modest 2 inches above his knee in a surfing contest. It seems this would be so daring and inconceivable that it would send the major companies into a spin to consider that there 9 way stretch, super fabric, water proof mobile phone pocket, LED lit waist band, and Gangster ghetto prints werent top of the pops.

Its like how long can trends last, we had what were regular board shorts at the time in the 80s and then  Billabong brought out the Okanuie shorts. One style in their range which were longer than regular but not to the knee, then numerous others got onto it and things got long and stayed long for a very long time. So you got to wonder what would it take to turn surf short fashion out of the knicker bocker strong hold and let the thigh have some fresh air. It seems the younger log riders use them as part of their uniform but the shortboarders wont budge on this one, long shorts hanging low is the only way I go bro.

Anyway sometime in the future a very brave pro surfer will paddle out in shorter than normal pants and he will be seen as the next surfing rebel bad boy, who upset the apple cart, all for following fashion and comfort and sick of looking like a pro surfer.

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