The late Steve Corrigan sure left an impression on me.

Catching the school bus many years ago there were two moments that still seem to stand out ,mainly due to the emotional turmoil that was going on when I arrived. The ones that I totally remember was when I turned the corner and there were all these girls in tears hugging each other holding a newspaper clipping that headlined that Elvis had died. Wow I am thinking this is full on the King dead, and all the way to school there was this sadness that filled the bus brought on by all these tears.

The only other time I witnessed that sort of emotion, was when Steve Corrigan passed away in an Auto accident, I believe going to the snow, it hit the Eastern Suburbs hard. It was very tragic as he was well liked in the area and definitely a hot super radical surfer. Again the bus stop was full of tears and one of our own at such a young age had passed.

The last time I saw Steve surf was at Bondi the same day I think The Bronzed  Aussies held a surf clinic there, that was when Cheyne Horan won the contest and joined the Aussies. Steve was ripping down the beach on a Gordon and Smith twin fin round tail and wearing a flared leg wetsuit with Lightening Bolts on the side, the same that Reno Abellira had worn at bells, it was Bondi after all and not for the modest.  This I believe was also the day that Prince Charles went surfing and got up a goofy foot and even got kissed by a local babe, the palace was not amused as if you aint going to surf natural foot you’re not surfing at all. Quite a day at Bondi.

Footnote after falling on a pretty lame top turn Mark Warren told me I should try a little harder, point taken thanks Mark.

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