Stephanie Gilmore, that girls got soul.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days on the Gold coast during a pumping east swell, it was fantastic sometimes you forget how good the waves can get in your own country. Well obviously great waves bring out great surfers and this area has more than it fair share. The one I was most impressed with was Stephanie Gilmore she wasnt ripping in the conventional sense as she was just chosing inside waves at Greenmount. Riding a yellow single fin surfing smooth and waiting for the wave to set up and positioning herself into some beautiful tubes, nothing super flashy but silk smooth and fluid as a seal. It’s rare to see great surfers step out of their usual role of ultra performance no matter what type of wave it is and down shift be elegant enjoy rhythm and different personal moods. Hey she also smiles in the tube and with that mane of golden hair swept back as she flies past its one of the moments you realise how lucky you are to surf.

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