Remembering Drouyn.

Before Westerly Windia there was Peter Drouyn, and in 75 he starred in a movie made by Bob Evans, of there travels around the world titled ‘Drouyn’. Unfortunately I never saw the movie, but my mate Rob had the sound track on tape. I used to love doing late night runs down the coast in his Holden Brougham with a 307 chev engine(that sucka could move out) listening to this album, one memorable moment was when we hit 100 mph and passed 14 cars on the straight before Milton in Easter traffic, 5 people in the car and 8 boards on the roof, and the line of the song “anyone can grow roses but it takes a green bum to grow grass” funny what sticks in your brain.

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3 Responses to Remembering Drouyn.

  1. Warren Delbridge says:

    Can you please advise what issue of TRACKS this was please?

    • lyttlestreet says:

      I had a look through a pile of old Tracks mags and unfortunately that one is missing the cover. I know it is 1974 as that is when the movie came out and it has the great Ted Spencer interview with the quote how he dances for Krishna when he surfs. Ok so now it’s hot issue 43 has a big double page article on the movie and issue 45 has a full page ad also for the movie although different images. So it just maybe 44 that the picture is from. So I would say go the through your collection and check issue 44 or near to that. The movie kinda flopped but the sound track shows up every mow and again and it’s a killer.

  2. Warren Delbridge says:

    Cheers mate.

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