Jeff Hakman clean lines in solid surf.

Hakman was the first surf star I ever saw surf when I was a kid in 4 ft waves at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of N.S.W. The first thing that hit me was how much faster he was going than everyone else, and how he could effortlessly link up sections and put the whole ride together in one fluid motion it was amazing to watch. He was staying with Geoff McCoy who was making his boards at the time, and after reading his book it must have been the same time he was smuggling contraband in an over sized hollowed out fin.

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6 Responses to Jeff Hakman clean lines in solid surf.

  1. wopfish says:

    Great surfer – I was blown away when I saw him on the silver screen – Tarzan on a surfboard – with that low stance. He supposedly surfed his best just before his court case for the drugs bust in Hawaii knowing that his freedom was going to be robbed for a long time. Theres some great footage of him at Honalua Bay and the light is so weird in the tube that he looks like he’s charging through the ether suspended in hot glass but not touching the sides. Classic. His book Mr Sunset is a good read.

  2. lyttlestreet says:

    I think I may have seen that footage at the Bay maybe out of Comsic Children, yeah he was solid as a rock in the big stuff, that was my favourite big wave surfing Hakman , Reno , James Jones, those guys on big thick Brewers. He was only small and cold knee paddle hose things and see the see before the others, Lopez once said if out Sunset and Hakman yells Mother you paddle like hell.

  3. Wopfish says:

    YUP I think it could be Cosmic Children. Yes to Reno – but Ive only seen a little bit of footage and thats amazing – he’s transitioning from rail to rail really quickly. It looks like the film is speeded up ! There was an amazing in new condition Reno board for sale on ebay in the US – mid length single fin – purple gloss chisel tail – with that futuristic 80’s typeface of his for the logo. I tried to get it over here but lost out in the end… shit !!

  4. lyttlestreet says:

    Bummer you missed the Reno, I remember when they were making them at the McCoy factory in Avoca Beach, they were quite popular, thin slender double wing pins with flutes under the flyers.
    He ha an interesting low stance with a similar body torque motion as Terry fitz, there is some interesting footage of him in a Sea of Joy at the 1970 world titles in Victoria.
    I have seen some pics of his current gund and the look amazing, as does he the little richard of surfing.

    • Wopfish says:

      Yeah I think Ive seen the Victoria footage in Tubular Swells… but will check out Sea of Joy – I think I have it. The best footage Ive seen of him – which is that speeding one – is from Bustin Down the Door. Theres an extra bit with Nic Carrol raving about the wee fella !!! One more thing – Its a big call – but I reckon MR looked awesome in big Hawaii – but not nearly as good in Aus… his swooping crazy style really suited the scale of those waves – and I think scale does play a big part in terms of rider and style – hence the Hakman and Reno chat I think. Laters !!

      • lyttlestreet says:

        I would agree with you Mark really came to life in those big waves, on the singles he looked great, same with Shaun his wide stance and driving style looked amazing at big Sunset.super solid and obviously the Pipe as well.
        I have some great footage of Michael Ho to in the mid 70s he surfed so good on those little Brewer single fins, Then he started to ride thinner more sensitive boards and the beauty was lost, thats what competition will do to natural style, it will render it obsolete for the sake of a big move.
        I have mixed feeling about Busting down the Door it looked like a white wash to me, didnt feature any of the hot Hawaiians of the day, who were doing great things.
        Rock on.

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